Monday, April 27, 2015

Boys Baseball Pics!

        To start off my blog, I wanted to share a few of my boys baseball pics! my oldest is almost 9 and plays on a travel team and they are currently ranked 9th in the state and 9th in the nation! Its so much fun watching all these boys grow as baseball players and see them bond as a team. My youngest plays for a rec team and was just picked to play all stars over the summer. He has done really good this season as his attention and love for game has grew. He has so much natural talent and its crazy to watch him play. He has ADHD, ODD and conduct disorder but this is an outlet for him to get his energy and anger out. us and his coaches have to redirect him sometimes but hasn't been a huge issue so far. Well that was just a little bit of who my boys are and I will continue to post updates and pics as they play more throughout the summer.

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